Thursday, December 8, 2016

Boise State's History in the Final Fall Standings of the Learfield Cup

In our previous story, we told you that Boise State has a chance to finish in the Top 40 of the Final Fall Standings of the Learfield Cup, given annually to the nation's #1 overall athletic program.  The Learfield Cup awards points in all NCAA sports based on national finish.

The Final Fall Standings this year will be announced after the final Top 25 football poll, somewhere around January 10.

Here is the history of Boise State's performance in the Learfield measurement of fall sports:

1993-94: Unranked

1994-95: #50

1995-96: Unranked

1996-97: #73

1997-98: Unranked

1998-99: Unranked

1999-2000: Unranked

2000-01: Unranked

2001-02: Unranked

2002-03: #88

2003-04: #107

2004-05: #81

2005-06: Unranked

2006-07: #75

2007-08: #118

2008-09: #85

2009-10: #44

2010-11: #78

2011-12: #83

2012-13: #96

2013-14: #109

2014-15: #46

2015-16: #33

Boise State #48 in First Learfield Cup Standings

We've been telling you Boise State is having one of its best fall seasons in school history, and in the first Learfield Cup Standings, the Broncos are ranked #48.  The standings represent just the men's and women's cross country championships and field hockey.  

Boise State finished 19th in the men's competition to earn 55 points.  With the recently completed NCAA Volleyball Tournament in which the Broncos reached the second round, Boise State will receive 25 points for that sport.

Additionally, the Bronco football team will score points.  Boise State will receive 25 points for playing in a bowl game and 45 points if they receive votes in the final Top 25 poll.  If they finish the season ranked in the Top 25, they will receive an increasing amount of points depending on which position they finish.  A Top 25 finish should rank Boise State in the Top 40 in the nation in the final fall Learfield Cup Standings.