Saturday, November 21, 2015

Allie Ostrander Finishes 2nd in the Nation to Lead Bronco Women to 11th Place Finish, Men 16th

Allie Ostrander finished 2nd individually and Brenna Peloquin took 9th as the Boise State women's cross country team finished 11th at the NCAA National Championships.  The Bronco men finished 16th.

Monday, November 16, 2015

Boise State Women #8 in the Nation This Week

Friday, November 13, 2015

Allie Ostrander Wins NCAA West Regional, Boise State Women 2nd and Men 5th

SEATTLE, Washington--Boise State freshman Allie Ostrander continued to trounce the competition as she won the individual 6-kilometer at the NCAA West Regional Cross Country Championships this afternoon.

Ostrander led three Broncos in the Top 10 across the finish line, and Coach Corey Ihmels' Broncos finished one point behind powerhouse Oregon for the team title. With the second place finish today, Boise State automatically qualifies for the NCAA National Championships next Saturday in Louisville, Kentucky.

Oregon won with 79 team points to 80 for Boise State, Washington had 105, and Stanford 121. Those four nationally-ranked teams were followed by San Francisco (182), Gonzaga (224), California (234)Arizona State (243), Portland (286) and UCLA (334).

Just as she did at the Mountain West Championships two weeks ago, Ostrander made her move around the 4-k mark and left the field. Ostrander won by over 21 seconds with a time of 20:10.9. Waverly Neer of Oregon was second (20:32.2) while Maddie Meyers of Washington was third (20:37.2). Boise State freshman Brenna Peloquin finished 6/10th's of a second behind Meyers, with Bronco Minttu Hukka fifth in 20:42.2.

Anna Holdiman of Boise State was 34th with a time of 21:22, Charlotte Corless was (21:22.7) while Alexis Fuller finished 63rd in 21:40.4.

Bronco Men 5th at NCAA Regional, Will Play Waiting Game

SEATTLE, Washington--The Boise State men's cross country team finished fifth this afternoon at the NCAA West Regionals.

Boise State finished with 137 points, calculated by adding up the finishes of the top six Broncos. Washington won the title with 63 points to 83 for Stanford. Oregon finished 3rd with 99 points to 125 for Washington State.
Coach Corey Ihmels' team will now have to wait to see if they earn an at-large berth in next week's NCAA National Championships in Louisville, Kentucky. Only the top two teams at each of the country's nine regionals are guaranteed a spot, and there will be 13 at-large teams selected. Boise State was hurt today losing to unranked Washington State.

Michael Vennard finished 17th to lead the Bronco men with a time of 31:29.8. Chandler Austin was 26th (31:46.6), followed by Louis McAfee at #28 (31:48.1), Elijah Armstrong 30th in 31:49.9, Rhys Park 36th with a time of 31:55.7 and Addison DeHaven (31:55.7). Oregon All-American Edward Cheserek won the individual title with a time of 30:43.2.

The selection of the at-large teams will take place tomorrow.


Final StandingsScoreScoring OrderTotalAvg.Finish OrderSpread
1Washington635-10-12-14-22 (59) (73)2:36:5231:235-10-12-14-22-59-730:29.6
2Stanford836-7-8-20-42 (72) (102)2:37:1831:286-7-8-20-42-72-1040:42.8
3Oregon991-4-24-31-39 (43) (47)2:37:2131:291-4-24-31-39-43-471:13.7
4Washington St.1252-3-32-37-51 (93) (105)2:37:5631:362-3-32-37-51-95-1071:12.0
5Boise State13717-26-28-30-36 (45) (174)2:38:5031:4617-26-28-30-36-45-1780:26.0
6California14619-25-29-35-38 (78) (96)2:38:5831:4819-25-29-35-38-78-980:22.9
7UCLA1639-16-40-44-54 (75) (76)2:38:5431:479-16-40-44-54-75-760:51.6
8UC Santa Barbara18411-13-49-53-58 (82) (84)2:39:1531:5111-13-49-53-58-83-850:54.6
9Portland20021-33-46-48-52 (57) (91)2:39:4431:5721-33-46-48-52-57-920:32.3
10Gonzaga25318-23-55-70-87 (94) (129)2:40:4132:0918-23-55-70-88-96-1321:20.8
11San Francisco27315-41-61-64-92 (121) (142)2:41:0332:1315-41-61-64-93-123-1451:31.3
12Cal Poly34456-66-68-71-83 (115) (152)2:42:2032:2856-66-68-71-84-117-1560:33.4
13UC Davis38927-34-95-114-119 (134) (173)2:44:1032:5027-34-97-116-121-137-1771:58.0
14San Jose St.40967-74-85-86-97 (118) (124)2:43:4332:4567-74-86-87-99-120-1260:42.3
15Arizona State42260-77-81-100-104 (131) (166)2:44:0432:4960-77-82-102-106-134-1700:53.0
16St. Marys (Cal.)48950-79-99-128-133 (161) (175)2:45:5133:1150-79-101-131-136-165-1791:53.1
17Loyola Marymount53580-110-111-112-122 (136) (200)2:47:0633:2680-112-113-114-124-139-2041:05.5
18Eastern Washington55189-98-109-116-139 (190) (194)2:47:1733:2890-100-111-118-142-194-1981:13.1
19Santa Clara56263-88-126-141-144 (146) (155)2:47:3133:3163-89-129-144-148-150-1591:51.7
20Cal St. Fullerton57465-101-113-137-158 (162) (183)2:48:0033:3665-103-115-140-162-166-1872:20.2
21UC Riverside63562-69-147-178-179 (196)2:50:1334:0362-69-151-182-183-2003:13.1
22Seattle U.647108-117-120-143-159 (171) (197)2:49:5033:58110-119-122-146-163-175-2011:17.4
23Long Beach St.69290-135-145-157-165 (177) (182)2:50:4434:0991-138-149-161-169-181-1861:57.4
24Fresno State712103-106-156-167-180 (184)2:51:4234:21105-108-160-171-184-1882:22.2
25UC Irvine725127-130-138-160-170 (191)2:51:4934:22130-133-141-164-174-1951:07.7
26Portland State774123-148-163-168-172 (185) (188)2:53:1034:38125-152-167-172-176-189-1921:23.7
28Sacramento St.805132-154-164-169-1862:54:1734:52135-158-168-173-1901:55.3
29San Diego831125-149-176-189-192 (195) (199)2:55:5435:11128-153-180-193-196-199-2032:15.3
30Cal St. Northridge882150-151-187-193-2013:00:3736:08154-155-191-197-2055:02.1