Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Marcus Henry

Washington tried to steal this kid from Boise State late and the word I hear is that he basically told them "Thanks but no thanks". He made a commitment and stuck with it. This guy has the nasty mentality needed in a lineman. He will keep after his guy until he gets him knocked down, and then looks for someone else to knock down. Boise State has had some amazing offensive linemen in the past (Hill, Vian, Huff, Colledge, Clady, Potter). This guy has the capability to join that group. Word from the coaches is that they want him to be center.

Jay Ajayi

Ajayi was the only running back in the 2011 Boise State recruiting class. He is an amazing recruit for several reasons. He averaged over 8 yards a carry in the state of Texas and gained 2,200 yards with 35 touchdowns. He can fake guys out of their shorts and yet still isn't afraid of contact; I loved his comment "I love to stiff-arm people!" Even more impressive than sheer stats alone--he said he is trying to get better and make himself a better player. He has the drive and the intangibles to be a Bronco. I would be shocked if he isn't a huge star.

Some of Jay's greatest runs can be seen by clicking on the story title, which takes you to YouTube.

Jimmy Laughrea

Boise State's newest quarterback is 6-2, taller than most former Broncos at that position. What impresses me most about him is his footwork--the Boise State coaches said the same thing tonight at the LOI Day show at the Stueckle Center. He also has a nice touch. On one throw in his highlight reel, he floated the ball softly over the defender to his receiver who caught it in stride. Many so-called experts look at zip on the ball and certainly that is important. But on many throws, you have to have "touch" rather than "zip". Only the best can do that and Laughrea has it.