Friday, July 15, 2011

Match 3

Match 3 is a new matching game on Blue Through and Through.  There are three columns below.  The first contains the name of a Boise State quarterback, the second column contains the name of a Boise State running back and the third column contains a Boise State receiver.  The object is to match the quarterback, the running back and the receiver that played in the same starting lineup.  There may be more than one match, so to get the correct answer, use a process of elimination so that in the end, you have five matches of three players each.

Answers can be found by clicking on "Read More".

Quarterback                      Running Back                   Receiver
Ryan Dinwiddie                Chris Thomas                   Tony Hunter
Jared Zabransky              Jon Francis                        Eric Andrade
Jeff Mladenich                  Chris Jackson                   Tim Gilligan
Vince Alcalde                   David Mikell                       Drisan James
Hazsen Choates               Lee Marks                         Mike Wilson