Sunday, January 1, 2012

Boise State Tied with Ohio State for Most Finishes in BCS Top 10 in Last Eight Years

I can keep putting up statistics, but they all say the same thing.  Boise State is second to no one in the nation over the last several years.  The Broncos have been dominant through several quarterbacks and several personnel changes.  Eight years is a long time, and it pretty much says it all when Boise State is tied with Ohio State for the most finishes in the final BCS Top 10 with six each.

The Broncos finished #9 in 2004, #8 in 2006, #9 in 2008, #6 in 2009, #10 in 2010 and #7 in 2011.  Ohio State finished in the final Top 10 from 2005-2010.  Oklahoma and USC have five Top 10 finishes each while Auburn and Oregon have four each. 

So Boise State leading the nation in nearly every category over the last 8-10 years is no surprise.  The Bronco Senior Class of 2011 was the best since the Pennsylvania senior class of 1900; you have to go back 112 years to find a senior class with 50 wins.  What is a surprise is that those final BCS rankings weren't higher.   No team from an Automatic Qualifying Conference beat Boise State over the last four seasons.  They were oh-for-six against Boise State and likely would have been oh-for-nine had the BCS put AQ teams against Boise State in BCS Bowls in 2009, 2010 and 2011.  And surprising that preseason polls for next year actually have Boise State out of the Top 25.  A Bronco team has made the Top 25 every season since 1999.

Boise State Broke School Record Against Arizona State

Against a 1,000-yard rusher (Cameron Marshall), Boise State set a school record against Arizona State in the Las Vegas Bowl when they allowed a negative 11 yards rushing.  The previous mark was minus five against Northern Iowa in 1990.

Prospects for Bronco Seniors in NFL Draft

There's already discussion about the prospects for Boise State student-athletes in the upcoming National Football League Draft.  Some people think has many as seven Broncos will be chosen.  There's something important to keep in mind, though--these drafts never turn out as well as we hope or believe they should go.  I've looked at several "Mock Drafts" and here are some of the highlights:

CBS projects no Broncos will be chosen in the first round.  Now NFL Draft does not have any Broncos in either their first or second round, but they do project tackle Nate Potter as #83 (to Chicago) and defensive tackle Billy Winn #94 (Baltimore).  Walter Football has the highest projection for a Boise State star (#39) for Winn to Carolina and also projects Potter as the #88 pick by the New York Giants.  Draft Tek does not project a Bronco in the first two rounds either but this is the first I've found that goes through five rounds.  They project Winn (#77 to San Diego), Potter (#90 to Baltimore), defensive end Shea McClellin (#109 to Arizona--fourth round), quarterback Kellen Moore (#151 to Atlanta--fifth round) and safety George Iloka (#157 to San Francisco--also fifth round).

We'll continue to update you on what the "experts" think of Boise State's chances in the draft.