Saturday, January 14, 2012

Boise State Loses to Air Force, 74-59

The Bronco basketball team has a long ways to go to rise to the level necessary to compete in the Mountain West.  The Broncos fell to Air Force on their home court 74-59 this afternoon.

Air Force Leads Boise State 16-15

I told you in my preview article this would be a contrast in styles.  Air Force wants a slower tempo and right now they are dictating the tempo.  Halfway though the first half, Air Force leads by one in Taco Bell Arena.

Boise State Set New Record for Students in Fall Semester

Boise State set a new school record for Fall enrollment with 19,664 students in the recently completed semester.  Hard to believe the archaic Idaho State Legislature hasn't gotten with the 21st century and realized that they need to support the school that educates the most students, rather than wasting money on universities with dwindling enrollments and resources.

New Record for Degree-Seeking Students at Boise State

The recently completed Fall semester at Boise State drew a record 18,892 students who were seeking degrees.  The number includes 16,835 students seeking undergraduate degrees and 2,057 graduates.

Some other facts about the students at Boise State:  82.3% of the freshman class came to Boise State straight from high school, compared with 78.3% just five years ago.  92.5% of the freshmen are full-time, compared with 83.5% in 2007.  There are now 443 international students at Boise State, with students coming from China, Saudi Arabia, India, Japan, Canada, Germany and beyond.