Friday, February 10, 2012

Boise State Finishes Second at Chicago Style Invitational

The Broncos had UCLA in their sights, down just 15/100th's of a point with one rotation to go.  But the Bruins poured it on in the final event to score an easy win tonight.  Boise State just can't get over the hump with an elite team.  

That said, Boise State finally got a 196 team score, something they will have to do each and every week if they want to crack the Top 10.

Team Standing  (Top)
Place TeamScore 
1 UCLA196.850 
2 Boise State196.025 
3 Missouri195.525 
4 Illinois195.100

Updated Rotation Three Gymnastics Scores

(Still competing in third rotation.  Missouri is done, while Boise State has one more competitor, UCLA two and Illinois 3.)

Place TeamScore 
1 Boise State147.100 
2 Missouri146.575 
3 UCLA137.675 
4 Illinois126.300 

Scores in Third Rotation

Keep in mind that Missouri has had more competitors finish routines in the vault than the other teams.

1 Missouri136.825 
2 UCLA127.900 
3 Boise State127.525 
4 Illinois117.150 

Boise State in 2nd at Chicago Style Invitational

Boise State scored 49.2 on vault, what they needed to have, but just 48.9 on floor exercises and the Broncos are already down to #7 UCLA by more than 3/10th's of a point.

Through two rotations, UCLA has 98.450 to 98.100 for Boise State.  Illinois has 97.725 while Missouri has 97.575.

UCLA has two score of 9.9 or better, while Boise State has zero.

Felix Sweeps Day One of Heptathlon

Boise State's Kurt Felix won all four events in the first day of competition in the men's Heptathlon at the Boise State Team Track Challenge at Jackson's Track in Nampa.  Felix won the 60-meter dash, the shot put, the long jump and the high jump to grab a huge lead in the competition.  Day 2 is tomorrow with the final three events.

Event 2  Heptathlon: #4 Men High Jump Heptathlon
    Name                    Year School                  Finals  Points
  1 Kurt Felix                   Boise State              2.14m     934
  2 Robbie Haynie                Eastern Oregon           2.11m     906
  3 Austin Emry                  Unat-Montana             2.05m     850
  4 Lysias Edmond                Unattached - Email       1.99m     794
  4 Austin Basterrechea          College of Idaho         1.99m     794
  6 Anthony Belcher              Boise State              1.69m     536
  7 Michael Hurd                 College of Idaho         1.60m     464

Results After Three Events of Women's Pentathlon

Boise State's entries are #5 and #6 with the High Jump results unavailable and pending the 800-meter run tonight.

1.  Lindsey Hall, Montana 2,353 points
2.  Maureen Ajoku UC Santa Barbara 2,290
3.  Tuekeha Huntley of Cal St. Los Angeles 2,215
4.  Tiera Hansen, Unattached 2,162
5.  Alexi Morton, Boise State 2,149
6.  Kimberly Miller, Boise State 1,964

Morton 3rd in Pentathlon Long Jump

Event 1  Indoor Pentathlon: #4 Women Long Jump Indoor Pentathlon
    Name                    Year School                  Finals  Points
  1 Lindsey Hall                 Montana                  5.71m     762
      5.71m  FOUL  5.53m                                              
  2 Maureen Ajoku                UC Santa Barbara         5.59m     726
      5.46m  5.51m  5.59m                                             
  3 Alexi Morton                 Boise State              5.58m     723
      5.42m  5.58m  5.45m                                             
  3 Tiera Hansen                 Unattached - Email       5.58m     723
      5.58m  5.17m  5.44m                                             
  5 Kimberly Miller              Boise State              5.53m     709
      5.53m  5.46m  5.51m                                             
  6 Tuekeha Huntley              Cal St. Los Angeles      5.42m     677
      5.09m  5.09m  5.42m                                             
  7 Kimmy Moore                  Eastern Oregon           5.09m     584
      4.70m  5.09m  5.06m                                             
  8 Jenna Hulion                 Cal St. Northridge       4.86m     522
      4.32m  4.67m  4.86m                                             
  9 Jessianne Heley              Eastern Oregon           4.29m     376

Boise State Women Blank Eastern Washington 7-0

The Boise State women's tennis team defeated Eastern Washington 7-0 this afternoon at the Boas Tennis Center in Boise to advance their season mark to 4-1.

The Broncos took all three doubles matches to go out to a 1-0 lead.  Marlena Pietzuch then won her fifth straight singles match of the spring against zero defeats with a 6-2, 6-2 victory. 

FIona Mok then made her Bronco debut with a 7-6 (7-3), 7-6 (7-5) win at #6 singles.  Congrats to Fiona!

Sandy Vo and Morgan Basil each advanced to 4-1 with straight set wins, and Sonia Klamczynska and Manuela Pietzuch also stormed to straight set victories.

Boise State hosts Idaho tomorrow morning at 10 at the Boas Center.

Boise State 7, Eastern Washington 0
Boas Tennis Center - Feb. 10, 2012

1. Pietzuch/Pietzuch (Boise State) def. Hedberg/Uriarte (EWU), 8-1
2. Vo/Basil (Boise State) def. Warner/Norena (EWU), 8-1
3. Kaitlyn Brown/Klamczynska (Boise State) def. Patton/Knight, 8-5

Order of Finish: 2, 1, 3

1. Sonia Klamczynska (Boise State) def. Moira Hedberg (EWU), 6-4, 6-1
2. Marlena Pietzuch (Boise State) def. Chelsea Patton (EWU), 6-2, 6-2
3. Manuela Pietzuch (Boise State) def. Kelsey Knight (EWU), 6-0, 6-1
4. Sandy Vo (Boise State) def. Chrissy Uriarte (EWU), 6-0, 6-0
5. Morgan Basil (Boise State) def. Ryann Warner (EWU), 6-1, 6-1
6. Fiona Mok (Boise State) def. Nefeli Diamanti (EWU), 7-6 (3), 7-6 (5)

Order of Finish: 4, 2, 3, 5, 1, 6

Vaisima, Osai Go 1-2 in Weight Throw

Arizona came into the meet as the #10 women's team in the nation, but it was Boise State that went 1-2 in the weight throw.    In fact, both Mele Vaisima and Alyssa Osai topped Arizona's Taylor Freeman by over a meter today.

Event 3  Women Weight Throw=                         
    Name                    Year School                  Finals  Points
  1 Mele Vaisima                 Boise State             19.82m       
      19.08m  FOUL  19.82m  FOUL  FOUL  FOUL                          
  2 Alyssa Osai                  Boise State             19.11m       
      18.92m  19.11m  FOUL  18.56m  18.43m  18.81m                    
  3 Taylor Freeman               Arizona                 17.90m       
      16.95m  17.50m  17.34m  17.37m  17.65m  17.90m                  
  4 Joy Warrington               Northwest Nazarene      15.27m       
      14.40m  14.29m  FOUL  14.75m  15.27m  FOUL                      
  5 Becca Hutton                 Utah Valley             15.24m       
      13.58m  FOUL  15.24m  14.61m  14.86m  15.06m                    
  6 Lacey Rasley                 Unattached Bsu          14.76m       
      14.76m  FOUL  FOUL  FOUL  FOUL  FOUL                            
  7 Katie Busi                   Cal St. Stanislaus      14.75m       
      14.62m  12.51m  FOUL  14.75m  14.38m  13.85m                    
  8 Alicia Hedrick               Northwest Nazarene      14.35m       
      12.84m  14.35m  13.73m  FOUL  13.69m  14.12m                    
  9 Whitney Amoth                Unattached Bsu          14.26m       
      14.26m  13.60m  13.47m  13.82m  13.68m  FOUL                    
10 Carly Dranginis              Northwest Nazarene      14.23m       
      14.23m  FOUL  FOUL                                              
11 Kady Stafford                Boise State             14.07m       
      FOUL  14.07m  13.92m                                            
12 Chelsea Wordell              Cal St. Northridge      14.02m       
      12.35m  11.28m  14.02m                                          
13 Caitlin Curtis               Northwest Nazarene      13.10m       
      11.90m  13.10m  12.45m                                          
14 Jasmine Warrington           Northwest Nazarene      12.90m       
      FOUL  12.39m  12.90m                                            
15 Vessie Umu                   Northwest Nazarene      12.33m       
      FOUL  12.09m  12.33m                                            
16 Chelsey Stegelmeier          Utah Valley             12.27m       
      11.93m  FOUL  12.27m                                            
17 Catherine Chidester          Cal St. Northridge      11.75m       
      11.44m  11.75m  FOUL                                            
18 Victoria Rodriguez           Unattached Bsu          11.57m       
      11.41m  11.33m  11.57m                                          
19 Courtney Millsap             Eastern Oregon          11.07m       
      11.07m  FOUL  11.06m                                            

Morton 4th in Pentathlon Shot Put

Results in Event #2 for the Pentathlon, the High Jump, are unavailable at this time.  In any case, Boise State's Alexi Morton, who had high hopes in this event, is off to a bad start.

  1 Maureen Ajoku                UC Santa Barbara        11.99m     660
      10.56m  11.99m  11.60m                                          
  2 Tuekeha Huntley              Cal St. Los Angeles     11.75m     645
      10.47m  11.75m  11.33m                                          
  3 Lindsey Hall                 Montana                 11.21m     609
      FOUL  11.21m  10.72m                                            
  4 Tiera Hansen                 Unattached - Email      10.40m     556
      9.48m  9.57m  10.40m                                            
  5 Alexi Morton                 Boise State             10.11m     537
      9.13m  10.11m  9.09m                                            
  6 Jenna Hulion                 Cal St. Northridge       9.72m     511
      9.72m  8.62m  8.48m                                             
  7 Jessianne Heley              Eastern Oregon           9.61m     504
      8.49m  9.61m  8.91m                                             
  8 Kimmy Moore                  Eastern Oregon           9.34m     486
      8.76m  9.34m  9.13m                                             
  9 Kimberly Miller              Boise State              8.86m     455

Boise State Will Try to End Skid Against Air Force

Saturday's match up between Boise State and Air Force will match two of the bottom dwellers in the Mountain West Conference, but the separation between the two is considerable.  Air Force defeated Boise State 74-59 on the Broncos' home court earlier in the season.

Air Force has struggled to a 1-7 conference record, but Boise State is 0-8 heading into tomorrow's game.  The Broncos have only played well against nationally-ranked teams and if that holds true, it doesn't look good for Boise State's chances--Air Force is 11-10 on the season.  One bright spot for Coach Leon Rice--freshman Anthony Drmic is currently third on the all-time freshman scoring average list at Boise State; Drmic is averaging 12.5 points a game. 

CBS Sports Network will televise the game beginning at 7 p.m. tomorrow.

Felix Wins Heptathlon Shot Put

  1 Kurt Felix                   Boise State             12.86m     659
      12.86m  12.80m  12.84m                                          
  2 Austin Emry                  Unat-Montana            12.04m     609
      12.04m  FOUL  11.79m                                            
  3 Robbie Haynie                Eastern Oregon          11.88m     599
      11.88m  FOUL  11.08m                                            
  4 Lysias Edmond                Unattached - Email      11.83m     596
      11.74m  11.38m  11.83m                                          
  5 Austin Basterrechea          College of Idaho        10.69m     527
      10.65m  10.56m  10.69m                                          
  6 Michael Hurd                 College of Idaho        10.40m     510
      10.40m  FOUL  10.17m                                            
  7 Anthony Belcher              Boise State              8.84m     416
      8.64m  8.17m  8.84m

Three events have completed our of four today, the other three will be contested tomorrow at Jackson's Track.

1.  Kurt Felix, Boise State 2,478 points
2.  Austin Emry, Unattached 2,150
3.  Lysias Edmond, Unattached 2,081
4.  Michael Hurd, College of Idaho 2,054
5.  Austin Basterrechea, College of Idaho 2,034
6.  Robbie Haynie, Eastern Oregon 2,014
7.  Anthony Belcher, Boise State 1,828

Felix Wins Long Jump in Heptathlon

Kurt Felix scored 975 points to win the long jump in event #2 of the men's Heptathlon today, defeating the next best competitor by over 200 points:

  1 Kurt Felix                   Boise State              7.66m     975
      7.54m  7.66m  7.53m                                             
  2 Austin Basterrechea          College of Idaho         6.78m     762
      6.52m  6.46m  6.78m                                             
  3 Austin Emry                  Unat-Montana             6.68m     739
      6.58m  FOUL  6.68m                                              
  4 Lysias Edmond                Unattached - Email       6.58m     716
      6.01m  6.58m  FOUL                                              
  5 Michael Hurd                 College of Idaho         6.51m     700
      6.41m  6.22m  6.51m                                             
  6 Robbie Haynie                Eastern Oregon           6.29m     650
      6.08m  6.29m  6.26m                                             
  7 Anthony Belcher              Boise State              6.09m     606
      5.97m  5.95m  6.09m    

After two events:

1.  Kurt Felix, Boise State 1,819 points
2.  Michael Hurd, College of Idaho 1,544
3.  Austin Emry, Unattached 1,541
4.  Austin Basterrechea, College of Idaho 1,507
5.  Lysias Edmond, Unattached 1,485
6.  Robbie Haynie, Eastern Oregon 1,415
7.  Anthony Belcher, Boise State 1,412                         

Boise State Tennis Team Tops Montana State

Blue Through and Through has yet another Idaho exclusive.  You will not get this news anywhere else in the state at the moment.

Boise State has defeated Montana 6-1 in tennis at the Boas Indoor Center.  Scott Sears was the only Bronco to lose, falling to Niklas Brandes of Montana. 

Sears and Nathan Sereke won 8-5 to secure the doubles point, then Garrett Patton and Filipp Pogostkin were victorious at singles, putting the Broncos up 3-0.  Aiden Reid then won the deciding match in three sets.

No. 45 Boise State 6, Montana State 1
Boas Indoor Tennis Center – Feb. 10, 2012

1. Brandes/Schleuter (MSU) def. Patton/Pogostkin (Boise State), 8-5
2. Sears/Sereke (Boise State) def. Campos/Fuentes (MSU), 8-5
3. Sheldon/Reid (Boise State) def. Jewett/Sivasubramaniam (MSU), 8-5
Order of Finish: 3, 1, 2

1. Niklas Brandes (MSU) def. Scott Sears (Boise State), 6-7 (9-7), 7-6 (7-5), 10-7
2. Garrett Patton (Boise State) def. Markus Schleuter (MSU), 6-1, 6-2
3. Nathan Sereke (Boise State) def. Alberto Fuentes (MSU), 6-1, 6-4
4. Erk Sheldon (Boise State) def. Lander Jewett (MSU), 6-4, 7-6 (7-4)
5. Filipp Pogostkin (Boise State) def. Javier Martin Marillas (MSU), 6-2, 6-1
6. Aiden Reid (Boise State) def. Prithiv Sivasubramaniam (MSU), 6-3, 3-6, 10-5

Felix Ties for First in 60-Meter Dash to Begin Heptathlon

Kurt Felix tied for the 60-meter dash, one of his worst events, as the men's Heptathlon is underway at Jackson's Track:

  1 Michael Hurd                 College of Idaho          7.11     844
  2 Kurt Felix                   Boise State               7.11     844
  3 Anthony Belcher              Boise State               7.22     806
  4 Austin Emry                  Unat-Montana              7.23     802
  5 Lysias Edmond                Unattached - Email        7.33     769
  6 Robbie Haynie                Eastern Oregon            7.34     765
  7 Austin Basterrechea          College of Idaho          7.40     745

Morton is fourth in Pentathlon at Boise State Team Challenge

They're underway at the Boise State Team Challenge in Nampa.  Alexi Morton got off to a fourth-place start in the Pentathlon.

  1 Lindsey Hall                 Montana                   8.66     982
  2 Maureen Ajoku                UC Santa Barbara          9.03     904
  3 Tuekeha Huntley              Cal St. Los Angeles       9.08     893
  4 Alexi Morton                 Boise State               9.10     889
  5 Tiera Hansen                 Unattached - Email        9.13     883
  6 Kimberly Miller              Boise State               9.54     800
  7 Kimmy Moore                  Eastern Oregon            9.96     720
  8 Jenna Hulion                 Cal St. Northridge       10.10     693
  9 Jessianne Heley              Eastern Oregon           11.32     485

Bronco Gymnasts Compete on National Stage

The Boise State gymnasts, on the cusp of becoming a national power for decades, will try to finally take the next step tonight in the Chicago Style Invitational.

UCLA, Illinois and Missouri stand between Boise State and that next step.  All are nationally-ranked and nothing short of a win tonight would give the Lady Broncos the respect they hope for.  The meet gets underway at 6:30. 

Lady Broncos Sweep First Two Games

Boise State has won both games at the Cal-Davis Tournament in California.  Details upcoming.

Bronco Track Team Gets Final Tuneup Before Mountain West Indoor Championships

Coming off an amazing performance last weekend, Boise State concludes the indoor portion of the track season with the Boise State Team Challenge.

Once again, there will be a highly-rated national team vying with the Broncos as Arizona, the nation's fifth-best men's team and 10th-best women's team, will be at Jackson's Track.  Action gets underway with the women's pentathlon this afternoon at 2:30.  Tomorrow, the men's heptathlon gets things started at 9 a.m.  Tickets are just $5 for adults and $3 for senior citizens and students.  This is the final meet before the Mountain West Conference Indoor Championships.

Bronco Women's Team in Town This Weekend

The Bronco women's tennis team hosts Eastern Washington this morning at approximately 11 at the Boas Indoor Tennis Center off of Boise Avenue.  The match will begin right after the men's contest.  Boise State hosts Idaho tomorrow at 10 a.m. and that match will also be at the Boas Center.

Bronco Softball Team Opens the Season Today

The Boise State softball team is in Davis, California this weekend for the Cal-Davis Tournament to kick off the 2012 season.  Boise State plays Loyola Marymount at 10 this morning before meeting up with Nevada at 12:15.