Saturday, February 21, 2015

Kohlbeck 2nd, Marthens 6th and Kriewall 7th in Platform Diving Preliminaries

If the swimmers had performed as well as the divers this week, Boise State would likely be coming home with the conference trophy.

Unofficial Statistics
Women Platform (5 Dives) (Prelim / Quarterfinal)
This event is now closed.
PlaceScoreDiver NameEvent
1344.50Krysta Palmer (NEV)7.3768.90
2271.20Erin Kohlbeck (BSU)7.3354.24
3248.05Keely Bishop (UWYO)6.0049.61
4245.50Kari Campbell (UWYO)6.1049.10
5224.65Makena Chamoures (SDSU)6.2044.93
6224.20Jordan Marthens (BSU)5.7044.84
7221.80Karli Kriewall (BSU)6.1744.36
8220.80Lainie Long (USAF)6.0344.16
9219.15Kiley Carlson (BSU)5.7743.83
10215.10Shelbie Holden (FRES)5.9343.02
11211.90Isabelle Choquehuanca (SDSU)5.9342.38
12201.30Alexandra Caplan (SDSU)5.8040.26
13191.70Ariana Milone (COSU)6.0038.34
14190.85Michele Serra (UNLV)5.7038.17
15188.25Taylor Shillingburg (UNLV)5.6337.65
16184.90Mary Kate Hardy (COSU)5.5336.98
17179.15Shannon Finigan (SDSU)4.8735.83
18176.55Emily Williams (COSU)5.3335.31
19175.10Jessica Horn (USAF)5.2735.02
20173.75Lacie Ruth (FRES)4.7734.75
21169.35Kylie Fonseca (SJSU)5.6733.87
22154.35Wendy Esquivel (NEV)4.1730.87
23139.75Cari Reiswig (SJSU)4.3327.95

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