Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Kohlbeck 4th, Kriewall 7th

In unofficial statistics, Erin Kohlbeck finished fourth in the one-meter dive today.  Teammate Karli Kriewall was seventh.

Unofficial Statistics
Women 1m Championship (6 Dives) (Prelim / Quarterfinal)
This event is now closed.
PlaceScoreDiver NameEvent
1320.35Krysta Palmer (NEV)7.2253.39
2280.20Ariana Milone (COSU)6.5846.70
3271.85Cari Reiswig (SJSU)6.0645.31
4265.35Erin Kohlbeck (BSU)6.4244.23
5264.60Alexandra Caplan (SDSU)5.9744.10
6262.00Shelbie Holden (FRES)6.1943.67
7258.15Karli Kriewall (BSU)5.6943.03
8252.90Keely Bishop (UWYO)5.6142.15
9252.15Kari Campbell (UWYO)5.6142.03
10239.65Lainie Long (USAF)5.5839.94
11238.40Isabelle Choquehuanca (SDSU)5.5339.73
12236.05Mary Kate Hardy (COSU)5.5839.34
13232.70Lacie Ruth (FRES)5.6738.78
14229.40Jordan Marthens (BSU)5.6938.23
15227.70Rachel Colman (UNM)5.5337.95
16227.35Shannon Finigan (SDSU)5.2837.89
17217.85Michele Serra (UNLV)5.3336.31
18215.90Makena Chamoures (SDSU)5.0635.98
19204.80Kiley Carlson (BSU)5.2234.13
20204.60Emily Williams (COSU)4.6134.10
21192.60Jessica Horn (USAF)4.5332.10
22189.25Kylie Fonseca (SJSU)4.5631.54
23187.80Wendy Esquivel (NEV)4.5831.30
24167.35Taylor Shillingburg (UNLV)4.1127.89
25150.20Kayla Taylor (UNM)3.6925.03
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Official Meet Results

Unofficial Results
Women 1m Champ.(6 Dives) EXHIBITION(Final)This event has ended.
Women 1m Championship (6 Dives)(Prelim / Quarterfinal)Live Statistics!

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