Saturday, June 13, 2015

Marisa Howard Finishes 4th in Steeplechase

Marisa Howard scored the first points for the Boise State women at the NCAA National Track & Field Championships, finishing 4th in the steeplechase:

PlaceNameAffiliationTimeHeat (Pl)
1Colleen QuigleyJRFlorida State9:29.321 (1)
2Courtney FrerichsJRUMKC9:31.361 (2)
3Leah O'ConnorSRMichigan State9:33.381 (3)
4Marisa HowardSRBoise State9:37.841 (4)
5Erin TeschukJRNorth Dakota State9:42.151 (5)
6Rachel JohnsonSRBaylor9:42.931 (6)
7Elinor PurrierSONew Hampshire9:53.691 (7)
8Maddie Van BeekSRNorth Dakota State9:54.421 (8)
9Emily RitterSRRider9:54.721 (9)
10Laura Rose DoneganSONew Hampshire9:59.451 (10)
11Heather DemorestSRMontana State10:01.681 (11)
12Victoria VoronkoSREastern Michigan10:08.051 (12)

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