Friday, February 27, 2015

Britlie Silvester Takes Third in Weight Throw at Mountain West Championships

The second of three days is underway at the Mountain West Indoor Track & Field Championships.  Boise State came up empty yesterday in both the women's heptathlon and the men's pentathlon.  Neither the Bronco men or women are supposed to seriously challenge for the conference title. 

  1 Kiah Hicks                SR Colorado St.            21.00m   68-10.75  10  
      18.56m  19.32m  20.13m  19.64m  21.00m  19.17m                            
  2 Jasmine Burrell           SR San Diego St.           19.62m   64-04.50   8  
      FOUL  FOUL  17.84m  FOUL  19.62m                                          
  3 Britlie Silvester         JR Boise State             19.50m   63-11.75   6  
      18.28m  19.50m  18.73m  18.49m                                            
  4 Aaliyah Pete              SO Colorado St.            19.28m   63-03.25   5  
      18.06m  16.29m  18.60m  18.07m  17.14m  19.28m                            
  5 Shreese Daniels           SR Wyoming                 18.64m   61-02.00   4  
      17.38m  18.50m  FOUL  FOUL  FOUL  18.64m                                  
  6 Melanie Heslop            SR Utah State              18.47m   60-07.25   3  
      18.17m  18.47m  17.83m  FOUL                                              
  7 Katie Higgins             SR Wyoming                 18.36m   60-03.00   2  
      16.23m  18.20m  FOUL  18.36m  17.82m                                      
  8 Monet Jackson             SR Colorado St.            18.24m   59-10.25   1  
      18.14m  18.24m  FOUL  FOUL  18.21m                                        
  9 Karyna Armstrong          SO Boise State             18.08m   59-04.00      
      FOUL  18.08m  FOUL  FOUL  FOUL                                            
10 Cortney Miller            JR UNLV                    17.83m   58-06.00      
      17.80m  17.83m  FOUL                                                      
11 Tiffany Gilmore           FR Fresno State            17.55m   57-07.00      
      FOUL  17.55m  17.01m                                                      
12 Mackenna Howard           FR UNLV                    16.89m   55-05.00      
      15.29m  16.06m  16.89m                                                    
13 Shelby Jordan             SO Utah State              16.88m   55-04.75      
      16.88m  16.68m  FOUL                                                      
13 Tawnya Turton             SR Fresno State            16.88m   55-04.75      
      16.16m  15.34m  16.88m                                                    
15 Kayla Hopkins             FR Fresno State            16.76m   55-00.00      
      FOUL  16.12m  16.76m                                                      
16 Cydnee Reese              SO Air Force               15.83m   51-11.25      
      14.59m  14.82m  15.83m                                                    
17 Vanessa Sierra            SO UNLV                    15.43m   50-07.50      
      14.89m  15.08m  15.43m                                                    
18 Olivia Moriconi           FR Utah State              15.36m   50-04.75      
      15.36m  FOUL  14.46m                                                      
19 Ariel Oliver              SO San Diego St.           15.25m   50-00.50      
      FOUL  FOUL  15.25m                                                        
20 Courtney Hutchinson       SO Boise State             14.78m   48-06.00      
      FOUL  14.78m  FOUL                                                        
21 Tara Park                 FR Nevada                  12.28m   40-03.50      
      12.28m  FOUL  FOUL                                                        
-- Aimee Larrabee            FR Colorado St.              FOUL                 
      FOUL  FOUL  FOUL                                                          

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