Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Boise State Expected to Dominate at Mountain West Swimming Championships

Boise State has narrowly won two of the last three Mountain West Conference Swimming Championships, one year coming down to the final race before taking the title. 

 In the past, San Diego State has been a strong rival.  Now, it appears that the distance between Coach Kristin Hill's Broncos and the Aztecs has considerably widened.  In fact, in an analysis of the pre-race heat sheets for the championships which begin tomorrow, the race for second and third will be closer than the race for the conference champion.

Here are the projected point totals, using the conference top times and championship scoring allocation.  (Note:  coaches can and often do shuffle swimmers around to best use them.  The projected point total is merely a guide.)

1.    Boise State 853 points
2.    San Diego State 614
3.    Wyoming 505
4.    Air Force 334
5.    UNLV 303
6.    San Jose State 258
7.    New Mexico 202
8.    Nevada 150
9.    Colorado State 132
10.  Fresno State 117

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